martes, 31 de julio de 2018

Deal For Cole Hamels Will Help Cubs, But Consistency And Health Are More Important For Title Hopes

Big deals at the trade deadline aren't always the way to spark a club and the Cubs will hope it proves to be a combination of adding Cole Hamels, key players recovering from injury, and more consistent play driving them to a third consecutive N.L. Central title.

Mets Blow Golden Opportunity At MLB Trade Deadline

The New York Mets had a golden opportunity to win the trade deadline. Like they've done the rest of the 2018, they blew their chance to make a mark.

Trade Was Tough, But Chris Archer Is Looking Forward to Pittsburgh

The Tampa Bay Rays capped a busy day by trading pitcher Chris Archer to Pittsburgh. Archer had been with the Rays since 2011 and he said it was tough to hold back tears upon being told he was dealt.

Trade War Update: U.S. Goes For China's Jugular

Team Trump countering China in its backward, opts for its own Silk Road Initiative to counter Beijing in Eurasia.

Investing In Housing-Infrastructure, Not An Haphazard Trade War, Would Create Jobs, Grow Economy

President Trump's abrupt imposition of trade tariffs could dampen economic growth due to the uncertain and unintended impacts his haphazard approach is causing. Investing in U.S. infrastructure, with a focus on housing, would create jobs, grow businesses, and further lift the economy.

lunes, 30 de julio de 2018

Trump Cannot Wage Both A Trade War And Currency War Against China

As President Trump continues to wage his trade war, he will have to put up with a stronger U.S. dollar that could neuter the impact of his tariffs.

Are Trade Wars Spiraling Into A Currency War?

This wouldn’t be the first time a trade war has morphed into a currency war. But pitting currencies against each other is a dangerous tactic that has historically reduced aggregate trade and growth.

Trade War Casualties: Factories Shifting Out Of China

Some companies are rerouting their supply chains to avoid tariffs.

Eliminate Deficit With These 12 Nations And U.S. Will Have Balanced Trade

It's hard to argue against a good, strong economy. But it also puts President Trump in something of a bind. That's because it is also hard to argue that President Trump will have much success dealing with U.S. trade deficits if the economy continues on its current trajectory.

domingo, 29 de julio de 2018

Game On -- Why We're Unikely To Have A Reagan Moment in Trade

A little game theory can be a dangerous thing. It is a useful analytical tool, but can be badly misleading if misapplied. The optimistic takes on President Trump’s approach to China get key elements wrong.

How To Trade The FANG Stocks In August

Here is a cycle guide to trading the FANG stocks in August.

sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

Trump's Tariffs, Supply Chains And Other Risks

Trump's trade war has caused re-thinking supply chains. That’s a good start, but selecting suppliers is more than working through tariffs. Other political disruptions, natural disasters and transportation challenges also come into play. These risks must be integrated into overall corporate strategy.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2018

Trump on Trade: All the Wrong Moves

Supply chain complexity makes trade wars worse. Trump doesn't get it and business is beginning to pay the price.

Was können Dax-Anleger im zweiten Halbjahr erwarten?

Wie geht es im zweiten Halbjahr für die Börsen weiter?

Die Bilanzsaison zeigt, dass die Unternehmen gut bis sehr gut verdienen. Der Dax steigt wieder. Was können Anleger im zweiten Halbjahr erwarten und wo liegen die Risiken?

Was können Dax-Anleger im zweiten Halbjahr erwarten?

Wie geht es im zweiten Halbjahr für die Börsen weiter?

Die Bilanzsaison zeigt, dass die Unternehmen gut bis sehr gut verdienen. Der Dax steigt wieder. Was können Anleger im zweiten Halbjahr erwarten und wo liegen die Risiken?

jueves, 26 de julio de 2018

The Importance of the Truce In U.S.-E.U. Trade Disputes

The U.S. and E.U. take a positive step in avoiding an economically damaging trade war.

Can Iran Crash Oil Markets By Blockading The Strait Of Hormuz?

Iran is once again threatening to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic oil chokepoint which sees 30 percent of global seaborne oil trade.

Algorithmisches Handeln: Neue Strategien am Finanzmarkt

Von Maschinen lernen: Saïd Business School in Oxford.

Der Handel an den Finanzmärkten wird von Computern bestimmt. Die englische Eliteuniversität in Oxford startet einen Kurs in algorithmischem Handel – den ersten dieser Art.

Tariff War Threat Recedes And European Auto Stocks Jump

Most European auto stocks staged a powerful rally, after news the U.S. and the E.U. stepped back from the brink of a tariff war and declared they would seek to eliminate all tariffs, and trade barriers. The rally excluded Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, which reported disappointing earnings.

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2018

The International Pizza Expo: Where The Entrepreneurs Of 'Za Learn To Make More Dough

The International Pizza Expo is a celebration of pizza and the pizza business on a massive scale that comes to Vegas every spring with a singular focus on the business of pizza. Which makes it a unique and fascinating entrepreneurial trade show.

Automakers Warn Of A Bumpy Road Ahead. Trump's Tariffs Could Make It Worse

The reckoning from President Trump’s trade war was previewed Wednesday as all three U.S. automakers posted lackluster second-quarter earnings and warned that the next six months could be worse.

China Trade War Casualties In American Soy Country Still Like Trump

Soy farmers sticking with Republicans in mid-term election.

martes, 24 de julio de 2018

Luxury Watch Veteran Upends Market With Pre-Owned Timepieces

Luxury Swiss watches are no longer reserved for the uber-rich. Singaporean watch veteran times the pre-owned trade ascent perfectly.

A Global Trading Firm Says It's Prepared To Neutralize Tariff Shocks

A century old logistics giant is attempting a complete digital transformation to keep its business afloat. The group CEO speaks about navigating industry challenges in the face of global trade uncertainty.

Malcolm Mitchell's Once-Promising Future With Patriots Reportedly In Doubt As Knee Issues Linger

Malcolm Mitchell's tenure with the New England Patriots may be coming to an end for reasons other than availability. NFL Media's Tom Pelissero reported Monday that the 26-year-old wide receiver, who missed all of 2017 with ongoing knee complications, has been shopped in trade talks.

lunes, 23 de julio de 2018

With Friends Like These, Auto Import Tariffs Do Not Need Enemies, Trade Group Says

In comments aimed at supporting a proposed tariff on imported autos, the United Auto Workers union warned the U.S. Commerce Department against "rash actions" that could lead to lay-offs. On that point, opponents of the tariff agree, an automakers' trade group said.

The Exorbitant Costs Of Trade Warfare

As history shows in clear and dramatic detail, a trade war would cause considerable economic damage to this country as well as to its trading partners, a recession at the very least. It is a risk that all involved, including President Trump, should strive to avoid.

DeGrom And Tanaka Rained Out As Trade Market Hits Crunch Time

Will the Yankees overwhelm the Mets with an offer for th? next couple of outings could decide.

Reports Of Globalization's Death Are Much Exaggerated.

International trade doesn’t start and end with the U.S. There are indeed other countries in the world which trade with each other. Plus those other countries are starting to cut come great deals.

Must See Charts For Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed And Northrop Around Earnings

Four aerospace and defense contractors report second quarter earnings this week, here's how to trade them.

How Trade War Fears Are Boosting Small Caps

They've outpaced the large caps recently for a variety of reasons.

What Does Trump Really Want On Trade? It's Time To Take Him Literally

The idea that President Trump is on the verge of striking great new trade deals is critical to maintaining public support for his policies, keeping markets calm, and forestalling pushes in Congress to undo the damage. However, his actions and statements make it clear that's an illusion.

Europe Pessimistic On U.S./E.U. Auto Trade Talks, But Might Have Misread Trump

President Donald Trump meets European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Wednesday to talk about auto tariffs and there’s not much hope around in Europe that an all-out trade war can be avoided. That might be a misreading of President Trump’s intentions and the tactics he uses.

Among Dumb Ideas Sure To Make The U.S. Poorer, Trump's Auto Tariffs Stand Tall

A long time ago, Scottish economist Adam Smith analyzed the reasons why interfering with trade increases poverty and restricts access to wealth.

Die erste Zahlenwelle aus dem Dax

Händler an der New Yorker Börse

Wie gut verdienen Deutschlands Konzerne und wie steht es um die Ausblicke? In dieser Woche erhalten Anleger die ersten Antworten.

sábado, 21 de julio de 2018

The Trade War And Retail: Is Your Holiday Season At Risk?

Many retailers and brands like Amazon, Walmart and more were looking forward to another successful holiday season. The reality is, prices are going to go up due to tariffs, and retailers and brands need to be prepared for it.

Import Sales Taxes--AKA Tariffs--Don't Make Us Richer. They Harm Us.

Raising taxes on imports hurts consumers and businesses. We’ve been skirmishing on tariffs. A full-scale trade war will impoverish us all.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2018

How Tehran Is Working With Washington's Allies To Undermine US Sanctions Against Iran

With just days to go until fresh US sanctions are imposed on Tehran, many Western governments are working with China and Russia to find ways to protect their trade and investment ties with the Islamic Republic

What Manufacturers Need To Know About Launching Products During A Trade War

In a global environment where trade wars can being at the speed of a Tweet, companies must rapidly accelerate the adoption of agile supply chain technologies to ensure their survival.

This 'Trade War' Is Not Scaring Wall Street As Much As You'd Think

Op-eds in the financial press reflect doom and gloom. Where is it? Inflows into U.S. and even China securities still at year-long highs.

jueves, 19 de julio de 2018

Cleveland Indians Add Relievers Brad Hand, Adam Cimber In Deal With San Diego Padres

The trade comes only two days after Hand pitched for the National League and retired all three batters he faced in the annual All-Star Game at Nationals Park, an 8-6 American League win in 10 innings.

Trade Wars Will Disrupt Supply Chains, Slow Global Growth

Right now, trade wars are the greatest threat to global growth. And if President Trump implements the threat of tariffs on autos, it could be the tipping point for a global equity selloff.

SAPVoice: Trade Renewable Energy With Your Next-Door Neighbor Using Blockchain

Blockchain pilot disrupts green energy trading, connecting consumers and utilities on trusted distributed ledger for cost-savings, sustainability.

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2018

Elon Musk, DeepMind Founders, And Others Promise Not To Make Lethal AI Weapons

The signatories have promised to "neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapons."

Playing Trade War Chicken

Aversion to a sure loss is playing an important psychological role in explaining why President Trump is taking the U.S. into a series of trade wars. The concern with this policy is that we, and our trading partners, are now engaged in a series of imprudent risks from metaphorically playing chicken.

U.S. Trade Deals Could Likely Happen Soon

It may seem an optimistic view, but conditions seem to be shaping up for some major trade compromises relatively soon.

Raptor's Foolish Kawhi Leonard Trade Works Splendidly For Lakers

The Lakers missed out on trading for Kawhi Leonard, but that's not the end of the story.

Trade Wars Aren't Desirable, But Sometimes They're Necessary

A more balanced trade regime will likely develop between the US and all of its trading partners. However, the road to fairness may first require unexpectedly hard-nosed negotiation strategies.

The Lakers Are Playing The Spurs And Kawhi Leonard Beautifully

The Lakers made the best move possible when it comes to a Kawhi Leonard trade.

Kawhi Leonard Trade And More Recent Lakers Rumors And News

The Lakers aren't done making moves this summer.

martes, 17 de julio de 2018

Adam Smith Doesn't Like U.S. Trade Policy

Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations, answers questions about trade and finds America's current trade policies to be lacking.

How To Trade Johnson & Johnson After Reporting Earnings

This diversified health care giant and component of the Dow gapped higher at the open after trading as low as $121.43 before the opening bell on an initial negative reaction to earnings. Here's how to buy and sell the stock now.

J.A. Happ Discusses Trade Rumors

J.A. Happ makes his first All-Star appearance amidst many trade rumors, something he is no stranger to.

Auto Industry Will Squawk Loud And Long, In Auto Tariff Hearings This Week

Automakers, suppliers, dealers, trade associations and foreign governments are queued up to protest a proposed U.S. tariff on imported autos and auto parts, in two days of hearings at the U.S. Commerce Department this week.

How To Trade UnitedHealth Based On These Charts

Here's how to trade the largest U.S. health insurer based on technical analysis.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2018

On Trade, Trump Uncharacteristically Silent Even As U.S.-Russia Trade Balance Worsens

Why isn't Trump lobbing verbal, trade-related hand grenades at Putin like he did before and during the NATO gathering last week at German Chancellor Angela Merkle and British Prime Minister Theresa May?

sábado, 14 de julio de 2018

Are Wall Street Strategists Too Bullish, Or Not Bullish Enough?

Investors are nervous about the earnings season, health of the economy and wondering whether there will be further escalation of the trade war. Therefore many are wondering whether the Wall Street Strategist’s year end targets are too high or not high enough?

Brexit -- President Trump Gets It Right On Trade!

It is fair to say that an approach in which the UK remains a de factomember of the EU customs union would kill the possibility of a separate US-UK trade deal. In this, President Trump was correct, if not helpful.

viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

How The U.S.-China Trade War Will Transform The Global Economy

Trump has gifted China with the strategic opportunity to champion economic liberalization and free trade, giving President Xi Jinping a big helping hand to make China great again.

A Guide For Trump Advisers To The Farnborough Air Show (Mind The Globalists)

With the Trump administration sending a high-powered delegation to the premier aerospace event to get the world to buy American, led by trade adviser Peter Navarro, here's a quick briefing for them (and you) on the U.S. position in this critical industry and how the White House stance imperils it.

Here Are Some American Losers In Trump's China Trade War

The anticipated effect on tariffs is far-reaching not only in terms of trade but also in stirring anti-American sentiment that could have a broad impact on U.S. brands abroad.

Hohe Auslandsumsätze: So wichtig ist Amerika für die Dax-Konzerne

Der Dialysekonzern Fresenius Medical Care ist mit 98 Prozent Auslandsumsatz das internationalste Unternehmen im Dax

Viele große deutsche Industrieunternehmen erzielen mehr Umsatz in den Vereinigten Staaten als hierzulande. Das zeigen die Ergebnisse einer Analyse, die der F.A.Z. exklusiv vorliegt. Wird der Handelsstreit für sie zur Gefahr?

jueves, 12 de julio de 2018

Forbes Asia Biz Briefing: Hang Seng Bank Says Trade And Brexit Still Dominate

The latest episode of the Forbes Asia Biz Briefing comes from Hang Seng Bank's chief economist, Thomas Shik. He tells us what's caught his eye this week, and what he'll be watching for next week.

Minor China Retaliation Helps Risk Markets; The Role Of Commodities And Electric Cars

Trade ructions may be tolerable if they stop at the latest $200BB level and yesterday's commodity price plunge likely does not foreshadow a global recession. Could advanced autos play the key role in any US-European compromise on autos?

Should The Sixers Trade For Kawhi, Is Kershaw A Hall Of Famer And More Sports News From The Week

NBA free agency is winding down and the MLB All-Star Break is just around the corner. What else has been going on in American sports this week?

The New York Knicks Should Gauge The Sacramento Kings' Interest In Tim Hardaway Jr.

A trade could potentially benefit both franchises, providing the Knicks with cap relief and the Kings' with a promising young shooting guard.

Time To Call Trump By His Real Name -- Economic Traitor

Trump is attacking our allies, appeasing our enemies and threatening our democracy. But the area where he's wrecking the surest damage is our economy. His self declared trade war is going big time. Whatever his intentions, he's betraying our country. It's time we called him what he is - a traitor.

Is Trump Calling The Shots On Trade? Some Think So.

Trump is winning on trade. Barely. This trade war of his is still very much a nail-biter, even if the market is looking elsewhere.

UniCredit Joins European Banks In Launching Live Blockchain-Run Trading Platform

After posting the best Q1 figures for over a decade, UniCredit has partnered with banks including Deutsche Bank and Rabobank to establish the platform. The company believes the use of blockchain will increase the security, transparency and speed of financial transactions.

What The American Public Thinks About U.S. Trade Relations [Infographic]

With the first round of trade tariffs now in effect, research from Gallup suggests that the U.S. public supports attempts to change trade relations with China.

52 Mal so viel - Gehaltsschere in Dax-Konzernen geht auseinander

Ein Vorstandsmitglied verdiente im Schnitt 3,6 Millionen Euro im Jahr.

Millionen-Gehälter deutscher Top-Manager sorgen immer wieder für Aufregung. Im vergangenen Jahr konnten sich die Vorstände über ein kräftiges Plus freuen. Die Gehälter ihrer Beschäftigten stiegen im Vergleich schwächer.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

Trade War With China Exposes U.S. Mineral Import Problem

As the U.S.-China trade war heightens, our vulnerability and need for imported minerals could easily be exposed. Fortunately, we know we have the resources to reverse course.

martes, 10 de julio de 2018

Trump Raises Stakes in China Trade war

Trump raises stake sin trade war with China by adding tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese exports

Blockchain-Controlled And Algae-Paneled Towers In China To Symbolize International Cooperation

In the midst of a global trade war, a Chinese-French partnership in Hangzhou leads the way in sustainable, multicultural architecture.

Why President Trump Is The Biggest Player In World Oil Markets Today

The last thing the nascent U.S. energy export business needs is for China to be closed down by an escalating trade war under President Trump's policies. And that is precisely what would happen if American crude and oil products cost 25% more than alternative supplies - from say, Iran.

Rallying Into Earnings: Monday's Big Jump Has S&P 500 Back Near One-Month Highs

Yesterday’s sharp rally took the S&P 500 Index (SPX) back toward one-month highs as trade war fears continued to ebb. Today the market braces for inflation data Wednesday and Thursday ahead of the start of earnings season with some of the big banks due to report Friday.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2018

Technische Analyse: Chinesische Aktien im Abwärtstrend

Die Sonderwirtschaftszone Pudong

Die schlechteste Jahreszeit für den Dax kommt erst noch und Aktien aus Fernost haben an Attraktivität verloren.

Kevin Love Is Key Piece To Begin Inevitable Cavaliers Rebuild

The Cleveland Cavaliers' current situation is in flux after LeBron James's exodus to the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite ownership and management wanting to contend, the team should begin its inevitable rebuild by featuring Kevin Love this season to eventually trade him.

sábado, 7 de julio de 2018

Lebron James' Mega-Deal Shows Why Globalization Is Here To Stay

Since the 1980’s, both labor and capital have become more mobile. Lebron James’ recent free agent contract shows how individual mobility creates powerful leverage. Unpacking the nuances of this theme may provide positive encouragement to investors who fear trade war escalation.

China Trade War Kickoff

Little reassurance should be taken from the mild-mannered start to this trade war. Conditions will likely get significantly worse before they get better.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2018

Companies Scrambling To Figure Out Trump Trade Rules

It's all hands on deck time for companies that are not used to trade risks. Will these last? Will they stay? Nobody knows.

No Let-Up in Jobs Growth: June Payrolls Come In Better Than Expected

The market seems to be trying to make up its mind whether to focus on solid payroll data or the trade battle between the U.S. and China. There’s a lot to like in the payrolls report, including better than expected job growth and wages that rose, but not necessarily enough to spark inflation worries.

Good Morning, China. Here Are Your Latest Tariffs.

Market will fall on China tariff announcement if any. But smart money sees the U.S. winning this 'trade war'.

Anleger decken sich mit Thyssen-Aktien ein

Nun ehemaliger Thyssen-Krupp-Chef: Heinrich Hiesinger

Die Rücktrittsankündigung von Konzern-Chef Heinrich Hiesinger verleiht der Aktie von Thyssen-Krupp am Freitag Rückenwind. Der Titel ist der größte Gewinner im Dax. Manch Analyst traut der Aktie nun viel zu.

jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

The U.S.-China Trade War Is Finally Here: What Will Be The Cost To America?

A study by the Brookings Institute showed that about two million jobs might be at risk as a result of tariffs.

What Does It Mean For Trump To Win The Trade War?

Running a trade surplus in the U.S. is theoretically possible, but the consequences would be prohibitively expensive imports of any kind; impoverishing American households and debilitating American businesses.

Forbes Asia Biz Briefing: HSBC Believes Next Steps in Trade Spat Crucial

The latest episode of the Forbes Asia Biz Briefing comes from HSBC's chief ASEAN economist, Joseph Incalcaterra. He tells us what's caught his eye this week, and what he'll be watching for next week.

Will Airbus And Boeing Muscle Up Bombardier And Embraer?

Suppliers stand to get squeezed as Embraer reaches a deal to sell a majority stake in its commercial aircraft business to Boeing and Airbus assumes control of the C Series. Meanwhile, Boeing maker may have gained a new legal weapon to launch a fresh trade fight against Airbus and Bombardier.

Autowerte ziehen Dax nach oben

Kommen die europäischen Autobauer noch um Strafzölle aus Amerika herum?

Entspannungssignale im amerikanisch-europäischen Handelsstreit und gute deutsche Konjunkturdaten haben den Dax am Donnerstag beflügelt. Besonders Autoaktien legten zu.

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2018

The Ten Dumbest Things I Heard About Guns At The United Nations

The fiercest supporters of the U.N.'s Programme of Action on Small Arms are surprisingly uninterested in talking seriously about measures that might reduce the illicit international arms trade. They'd rather talk about gender, development, gun control, or virtually anything else.

Amid Growing Trade Tensions, Chinese Investors Pull Back From U.S. Tech

Chinese dealmakers sharply scaling back the amount of money they are putting into U.S.-based companies.

Fliegt die Commerzbank aus dem Dax?

Fällt die Commerzbank demnächst wirklich aus dem Dax?

Gehört Deutschlands zweitgrößte private Bank bald nicht mehr dem bekanntesten Börsenbarometer an? Gut möglich. Das Unternehmen, das an ihre Stelle rücken könnte, zeigt den Umbruch in der Finanzbranche.

martes, 3 de julio de 2018

Einigung im Asylstreit gibt Dax Auftrieb

Der Dax freut sich nicht nur über sein 30-jähriges Jubiläum, sondern auch über die Gewinne am Dienstag.

Nach der Beilegung des Asylstreits zwischen CDU und CSU haben die Anleger an den europäischen Börsen am Dienstag durchgeatmet. Der Dax stieg um 0,9 Prozent. Als Einzelwerte waren Allianz, RWE und Eon gefragt.

Positive Stock Market Momentum Carries Over Into This Morning

This morning, U.S. stocks look poised for more gains ahead of the holiday break, but trade worry persists. Investors are looking toward the jobs report later in the week.

The Lakers Need To Give Up This Kawhi Leonard Trade Nonsense

The only sane move left is for the Lakers to pull out of any immediate negotiations for Kawhi Leonard.

lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

As Tariff Fight Escalates, 10 Things To Know About U.S. Motor Vehicle Trade

As much as any industry, the automotive industry is a highly developed and complex supply chain. Vehicles and particularly parts travel to and from the world's most developed economies. They travel by ocean, by air and over land. Auto manufacturers employ about 2.5 million people in the U.S.

Pumping The Breaks On Manny Machado To Dodgers Trade Rumors

One little item by a lone columnist with zero named sources and all hell breaks loose. Let's pump the brakes on a Manny-Machado-to-Los-Angeles trade a minute, shall we?

Trade Disputes No Match For A U.S. Fiscal Stimulus That 'Dwarfs Tariffs'

Fiscal stimulus is bigger than the danger from tariff increases, but investors should not totally discount a trade war.

Market Starts Week On Negative Note After Weekend Of Trade Headwinds

Market sentiment was once again overshadowed by negativity surrounding global trade as Wall Street looked set to open the first trading day of the second half of the year on the back foot.

Will Ontario's Carbon Market Withdrawal Harm The Western Climate Initiative? No, Says Price Rebound.

Ontario's withdrawal from the California-linked carbon market was a temporary setback for North American cap-and-trade, but the nostalgic play for 20th century economics could cost Canada’s most populous province billions.

Kawhi Leonard Trade And More Lakers Rumors Following Huge LeBron James News

The Lakers added LeBron James but the rumor mill continues to spin.

Indexjubiläum: Börse-Chef kann sich mehr als 30 Aktien im Dax vorstellen

Feierstunde: Börse-Chef Weimer (Mitte) im Handelssaal anlässlich 30 Jahre Dax

An seinem 30. Geburtstag leidet der Deutsche Aktienindex Dax unter der Hängepartie im Asylstreit und den Unsicherheiten im Welthandel. Derweil fragt sich Börse-Chef Weimer, ob es bei 30 Dax-Werten bleiben muss.

Handelsstreit belastet: Wie die Politik den Dax gefährdet

Wer wird sich durchsetzten? Der Bär mit fallenden Kursen oder der Stier mit steigenden Werten? Beim Dax hängt alles von Trumps Entscheidungen ab.

Handelskonflikt, Iran-Sanktionen, schwächere Konjunktur: in unserer globalisierten Welt gibt es viele Unwägbarkeiten. Wie sehr müssen wir uns um unsere Aktien Sorgen machen?

domingo, 1 de julio de 2018

Aufgestiegen, abgestiegen und vom Kurszettel verschwunden: 30 Jahre Dax und Rhein-Main

Regionales Sinnbild von Aufstieg, Wandel und Abstieg im Dax: Nikolaus Schweickart führte die Altana AG, seinerzeit noch in Bad Homburg daheim, 2002 in den Dax, 2007 musste der verkleinerte Konzern den Index wieder verlassen

Sechs Unternehmen aus Rhein-Main gehörten zu den Dax-Mitgliedern der ersten Stunde. Nur zwei Banken haben durchgehalten. Große Adressen sind verschwunden. Ein Name steht sinnbildlich für den Wandel in 30 Jahren.

How To Trade The FANG Stocks In July

Here is a guide to trading the FANG stocks in July.