sábado, 24 de marzo de 2018

The Week Ahead: Should Investors Start Preparing For A Bear Market?

Last week’s action has clearly shaken the confidence of many investors. After implementing measures that could have strengthened the economy, Trump’s recent action on trade seems harmful. What impact will his action have on the stock market and should investors now change their strategy?

How Wall Street Got Tariffs So Wrong!

Wall Street saw what it wanted to believe when Trump launched Steel tariffs and walked them back. They were wrong and will continue to be wrong until they recognize the depth of the administrations conviction to fight unfair trade practices and deal with intellectual property rights.

3 'Must-Buy' Stocks For 6% Dividends And 100% Payout Growth

Worried that President Trump’s tariff threats will ignite a disastrous trade war?

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2018

How 'Trade Wars' Can Impact Markets

A historical look at how trade spats have impacted markets.

Schreckgespenst Handelskrieg verfolgt den Dax

Diese Handelswoche konnte man im Dax vergessen, die nächste dürfte nicht unbedingt besser werden.

Das Schreckgespenst Handelskrieg hat dem Dax ein deutliches Wochenminus eingebrockt und das Börsenbarometer zwischenzeitlich auf den tiefsten Stand seit Februar 2017 rutschen lassen. Wie geht es nun weiter an den Börsen?

Tariffs Push Nikkei, German DAX And Nifty 50 To New 2018 Lows

A potential global trade war is hurting the stock markets in Japan, China, India and Germany.

Where Global Tariffs Are Highest And Lowest [Infographic]

Trump's move to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, as well as placing duties on steel and aluminum imports, breaks with long-standing U.S. trade policy. According to The World Bank, the U.S. applies a weighted average tariff of 1.6 percent on its imports, one of the lowest rates worldwide today.